One person’s junk may be another person’s treasure

If you spend any time perusing home decorating magazines or websites, you may have noticed the trend of integrating salvaged or reclaimed wood into remodeled kitchens. I’ve seen it used as the panels that back an island, as open shelving, and even as bar or island countertops. This look may not be for every taste, but I think it can provide a nice rustic look and an interesting textural element that can really warm up your space and add a unique touch to your project. You may wonder, “where does this stuff come from?”.

Surely you can’t just pull off the road and start dismantling some old barn that seems to be falling apart anyway. That might get you arrested, or even shot!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, California. At first glance, this place appears to be no more than a somewhat organized junkyard. There are piles of old timbers and rusty objects that seem to defy description.

But with some patience and a little imagination, you can begin to see that there’s a treasure trove of interesting building materials in abundance. They also have a showroom where they showcase the ways that they’ve incorporated reclaimed wood into flooring, wall cladding, and furniture.


I spotted a container full of large slices of tree trunks, just waiting to be turned into a bar or island counter. They may look a bit rough and unfinished, but the folks at Heritage will sand, stain and finish them to specification.  Now, I’m waiting for the right client and project to put one of these beauties to use!

Do you make your bed everyday?

Recently a friend on Facebook posed a question,

“Do you make your bed everyday?”

I was kind of surprised by the responses.  There was an overwhelming number of people who replied it was a MUST to make their bed everyday.  Maybe this surprises me because it is so far from my thoughts.

Modern bedroom decorated with bright purple flowers. Fresh design.


I rarely make the bed. Instead I buy nice sheets that match my comforter and so even in a state of disarray, It still matches and looks nice. Is it because my feet hit the floor and I’m off running?  Maybe, but to me it is planning for the imperfections.  Since I know I am not a bed maker I found a way to make it look nice without expecting a change in behavior.


Where else in your house are you imperfect?

  • Hairdryer and flat iron left on the bathroom counter?
  • Bath towels ending up awkwardly draped somewhere?
  • Kitchen appliances left out?
  • Hand washing still drying next to the sink?
  • Oils and spices sitting next to the cooktop?
  • Bills and notes from the kids school on the countertop?


You could hire a maid to follow the whole family around but this might be as unrealistic as expecting you to put EVERYTHING away every time you use it. What if we started to plan and design around these imperfections, instead of the unsightly mess when you fail to meet the mark?


Lets start REALLY looking at how you live. Think what a difference it could make to work with your flaws and not fight those hard set habits. 

Ready to get started on a new kitchen or bath?  Give us a call/e-mail today for a free design consultation.

DIY Magnetic Board

Hey ya’ll- Ashley here! So my inspiration for this magnetic board came from a Melissa and Doug magnetic doll for Laney last week. She showed immediate interest, but found it hard to dress the doll with the little stand it came with and the no flat surfaces we seemed to have for her disposal. (Insert light bulb above head). I will make her a magnetic board that we can attach to the wall in her play area. Big enough for this doll and any other magnets she may acquire. Thus a project was about to start!

First things first, I had nothing to make said magnetic wall board. So we all jumped in the car and headed to our second favorite place- Home Depot! There are two ways to make any surface magnetic; you can apply a magnetic paint- usually black and a very bold statement to a surface or you can purchase a piece of magnetic zinc coated metal, in any size desirable. I chose the latter.

So we went in with this list:

  • 24×46″ 26ga. zinc sheet metal
  • white window/base board molding (to frame sheet metal)
  • rosettes (to make window molding look like a frame and a little more dressed up)
  • paint to paint the window molding

We found all of our material and paint, which gave us a grand total of $51.87!!

I already had some leftover paint at home that I used to paint the frame- but most stores have samples you can buy for really cheap and even mark down paint that wasn’t used.

Once we got home, I cleared all of Laney’s toys so hubby could hang the sheet metal. He did this using Loctite construction adhesive (that bad boy isn’t going anywhere!). While the metal dried and adhered to the wall, hubby cut the molding to fit around the metal square size using a miter jig. The molding was 2″ thick so we just overlapped half of it to the metal and the rest the wall. The right and left panels are 34 1/2″ in length. The bottom and the top panels are 20″ in length. This will leave just enough of a gap in each corner- your rosettes go there!












While the metal was drying and adhering to the wall, I painted the molding using chalk paint because it adheres to any material with little to no prep work required.









MagneticBoard3Now that the metal had adhered to the wall and all the molding pieces were dry (I left the rosettes the primed white they came as for a pop of color), we glued the molding first and the rosettes second. We used duct tape to keep everything in place while it dried. (The Loctite adhesive we used required a 24 hour cure time-this will vary depending on what product you go with, or if you use adhesive at all). We only let it cure for about 12 hours and it was solid.

This is how our magnetic wall board turned out!!





Overall this was a fairly easy shopping spree as all needed materials are readily kept in stock. The only tool that you may not have lying around wood be the jig- but those are fairly inexpensive tool and cool to have in the garage! The actual set up time was done while Laney was sleeping so the adhering process and drying time of the paint was not compromised.

She absolutely loves playing on her board and am so happy we decided to make this for her- not only can she used it for her dolls, she can practice her numbers, letters and colors as well as use the board to hang her art!


I have an eye for seeing the problems others might miss. If you have some trouble areas in your kitchen or bath contact us and we will help you locate and find the perfect solutions.