Decorating With Holiday Lights All Year: Steal These 10 Ideas Now!

Decorating With Holiday Lights All Year Steal These 10 Ideas Now 13Holiday string lights are universally adored. We hang them up indoors and outdoors to dazzle our homes during the holiday season and then sit in the attic gathering dust for the rest of the year. Christmas lights instantly make any setting feel warm and magical, so here are 10 creative ways to keep your Christmas lights up all year long!


1. Twinkling Nook for the Kids


Give the kids a new place of their own with a bit of fabric and some twinkle lights. Check out these images to see which ones inspire you! Your kids will speed through their summer reading with this Christmas-light lined reading nook. Another option is to transform a boring bed into a showstopper with a sheer curtain and some string lights. Use two curtain rods to attach the tulle or hang floor-length streams of fabric and lights from the four corners of the mattress.


2. Porch Party Lighting


LIght up your outdoor summer party with lots of lights! Wrap fairy lights around tree trunks to create a special seating area in your garden. Or even light up your outdoor summer party with twine Christmas light “lanterns.” If you have a pool, hang them directly above the pool for a cool mirrored effect at night. Now you have a nice soft light to relax and enjoy your evenings.


3. Light Up Your Mirror


Illuminate your special room mirror with extra lighting around. Adding string lights around a wall or vanity mirror adds extra light while getting ready. An oversized mirror especially makes an instantly glam dressing room with the addition of a string of basic white twinkle lights.


4. Shape Into an Inspirational Word


Need a pick-me-up? Hang a well-lit quote or inspirational word in your room using fairy LED lights. This makes a fun art installation in your home. Change it up to match your seasonal decor.


5. Flameless Fire Pit


Add extra “warmth” to your living space by creating a faux fire pit that’s maintenance-free. Assemble a few small logs in a fireplace grate or basket, and weave some string lights throughout. When the weather heats up and you no longer need the warmth of a fire, you don’t have to completely neglect your fireplace. Try wrapping logs with string lights for a glow you can enjoy year round.


6. Fairy Light Jars


Want to add a bit of sparkle to your mantel, dresser, or entry table? This is the perfect way to use holiday lights as year-round decor. If you have battery or solar-powered string lights, fill up a glass lantern, oversize bowl, wine bottle or some Mason jars. Simply fill a Mason jar with a bunch of string lights, then cluster them on a mantel or entryway table. They’d also look perfect on a patio or on an end table. Have a strand that needs to be plugged in? Try a birdcage – no matter the vessel, you’ll enjoy the glittering lights all year long.


Decorating With Holiday Lights All Year Steal These 10 Ideas Now 137. Fairy Light Wall


If you have a barren white wall in need of some Christmas sparkle, try adorning it with fairy lights, then hang photos from the strand. We use some nice looking clothes pins to attach cards or drawings from our kids. It’s a fabulous way to highlight their art.


8. Lighted Chandelier


Wrap your dining room chandelier with a generous amount of Christmas lights for an illuminating holiday update. This add layers of lighting and a bit of whimsy and charm.


9. Picture Perfect Window


Give the kids a new place of their own with a bit of fabric and some twinkle lights. Check out these images to see which ones inspire you! Another option is to transform a boring bed into a showstopper with a sheer curtain and some string lights. Use two curtain rods to attach the tulle or hang floor-length streams of fabric and lights from the four corners of the mattress.


10. Lighted Mirror Garland


Create an incredible mirror garland using twinkle lights for a dramatically glamorous look! You can easily create your own garland with small mirror squares from the crafts store, fishing line, and a hot glue gun. Drape the mirrored strands and some string lights over a curtain rod or dowel, and enjoy the dazzling scattered reflections. It’s the perfect piece to brighten your space and warm up your walls.

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Is Green Design a “Thing” Anymore?


IMG_6077   About 10 years ago, I began taking classes at UC Berkeley Extension to complete a certificate program in Sustainable Design. As I to worked my way through the program, I began to wonder if eventually, the terms Sustainable Design, or Green Design would become redundant, because all good design would automatically incorporate sustainability. Well, I must not have been the only one to sense that things were heading in that direction, because it wasn’t long after that, just as I was completing the program, that the school stopped offering that particular certificate.

   Increasingly, building codes are being changed that require more water saving and energy saving products than ever before. And, many companies are incorporating sustainable practices into their materials and manufacturing processes.

   You may wonder what constitutes a sustainable or “green” design, and how do you incorporate these concepts into your home remodel project? There are actually a lot of different criteria to consider when evaluating the sustainability of a product or process, and the choice as to what you consider to be a top priority is often an individual decision.

Some of these aspects of sustainability are:

• Personal use of resources in your home, such as how much energy or water is used.

• The wise use of resources in the manufacturing of a product.

• The distance that materials have to travel to get to your job-site, affecting the carbon footprint.

• The responsible resourcing of materials, such as sustainably grown wood for floors and cabinets.

• The policies and practices of the companies that manufacture the products that you choose.

• The way that products affect the immediate environment within the home, especially with regard to off-gassing and materials that create poor indoor air quality.


   If these are issues that are of concern to you, it can be confusing and overwhelming to do the research and make choices that are best suited to your individual needs and requirements. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to guide and assist you to find the products that you can incorporate into your remodeling project that will help keep your home and planet happy and healthy.



If It Makes You Happy

A couple of years ago, I was discussing a potential vacation with a good friend, and occasional travel companion. We had kicked around the idea of this trip for a while, and I was reluctant to commit to further planning. This was to be an international trip lasting a few weeks. “It’s just going to be expensive”, I said, “and I really want to get my house painted.” She couldn’t understand my hesitation. Being a true lover of travel, she didn’t see how I would even consider putting off a trip for something as mundane as painting a house. I tried to explain that, while I loved the idea of going to a new place and exploring different parts of the world, the experience would be pretty short lived compared to the satisfaction I would feel having a freshly painted house, in a color I love. Yes, I do enjoy traveling as well, and the memories that come with a fun trip will last a long time, but I knew that I would also feel joy when coming around the corner and looking at my newly painted house. I don’t know if this makes me materialistic, or too attached to worldly goods – please don’t judge!


Anyway, I did go ahead and have my house painted that year. I was thrilled with the result! And, even though it’s been a couple of years now, I still feel joy when I come around the corner to my street and look at my house, especially on a beautiful sunny day.JenniferHouse

The following year, we took that trip. We had a great time, I have my souvenirs and happy memories, and pulling into my driveway when coming home after three weeks, I experienced the satisfaction of a beautifully painted house all over again.


So, if there’s something about your home that is bugging you, (an outdated kitchen or bath, perhaps?) and you wonder if it will be worth the trouble and expense to fix or change it, you have to decide if it will bring you joy or satisfaction. Because, for some of us, that happy feeling that you can get from making your home more beautiful is priceless!



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