Overcoming Your Remodeling Fears

Recently I was watching a series of commercials about a rouge contractor talking to his clients. Although funny, the comedy is rooted in true fears people have of remodeling. Lets address these fears and how can we can help you overcome them.


Commercial: https://youtu.be/7ZB519N2N0o

Fear#1: The contractor is going to disappear & when he is there, he will not listen to you anyway.


How to overcome: We help pair you up with qualified contractors who we know, like and trust. We also help you draw up a design so our wants and needs are clearly addressed on the design. The contractor has questions? He or you can call us at anytime to clarify details. We also visit the job to make sure everything is being done per our plan.




Commercial: https://youtu.be/Ifgkt-BtJY8

Fear #2: Contractors will do things that aren’t needed, go over budget and you’ll never get your house back!


How to overcome: Before the contractor ever starts we discuss a design so we know what is being done. Taking out the wall might not even be needed or the best solution to your issues.   We help you develop and stay on budget with a realistic timeline.




Commercial: https://youtu.be/ECKRGBti42c

Fear #3: Contractors make things more complicated and confusing than they need to be, set unrealistic timelines and expectations, disappear leaving you questioning everything they have done and your house is still in shambles.


How to overcome: Construction can be confusing. Most people don’t do it everyday so it makes sense that you are not a professional. We are here to help walk you thru the process, translating construction jargon into english so you are clear on what is being done and why. You should have confidence in the professionals you hire. While construction is messy and intrusive, it doesn’t have to ruin your life!




Are you or someone you know afraid to remodel? Afraid the contractor will disappear, not listen to what want, go way over budget spending all your money, way past the schedule….


We are here to help you! Give us a call to start your project. Remember, remodeling should be fun! =)

Mel’s Crock-Pot Chili

     Hey everyone! Melissa here. I am taking over the blog today to share with you my Crock-Pot Chili recipe that I make quite often, especially on colder days. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.


   I know I am not the only parent who has a child in extracurricular activities, and I am pretty sure I am not the only single parent (or busy parent in general) 😉 . What I also know is that dinnertime can be frustrating for us busy parents. Sometimes, not getting home until after 7 PM makes getting dinner together down right stressful. Which is why I make A LOT of “dump meals” in my Crock-Pot. It saves me from having to worry about what to make for dinner, and also saves me time when we finally arrive home at night. And the smell that fills your nostrils when you walk in the door, MmmMmmMmm 😋 .



Mel’s Crock-Pot Chili




1 LB. Ground Meat (Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Pork)

1 Can stewed tomatoes

2 Cans Tomato Sauce

2 Cups Water

½ Cup Brown Sugar

1 Can yellow corn

1 Can Kidney Beans

1 Can Black Beans

1 small can of diced greed chilies

3 TBS Worcestershire sauce

4 Cloves garlic (Minced or chopped)

2-3 TBS Cumin

½ Yellow onion (Small)

1 TBS Salt

1 TBS Ground Pepper

Taco seasoning








Start off by browning the meat with the Taco seasoning and yellow onion in a pan on the stove. Once the meat is done, put to the side and start opening all the canned goods (straining what needs to be strained) and dumping them into the Crock-Pot. After the canned goods have been dumped in, add the remaining ingredients, and stir well. Next add the browned meat, and stir.


Set Crock-Pot to high for 6 Hours, and be on your way.


If you notice, before serving, that the chili is a little thin, or not as thick as you like, make a flour paste (1 cup water & 1-1 ½ cup flour). Slowly add the paste, while stirring, to the chili until it is at the consistency you like.


Don’t forget to taste once it’s all mixed up. If your taste buds feel like its missing something, add it.



Side note:

We enjoy jalapeño (or regular) corn bread with our chili. For leftovers we usually add cheese and make it into a dip. We even use it for chili dogs, burgers, and/or fries.



If you have anything else you like to add to your chili, let me know. I would love to try it.



If It Makes You Happy

A couple of years ago, I was discussing a potential vacation with a good friend, and occasional travel companion. We had kicked around the idea of this trip for a while, and I was reluctant to commit to further planning. This was to be an international trip lasting a few weeks. “It’s just going to be expensive”, I said, “and I really want to get my house painted.” She couldn’t understand my hesitation. Being a true lover of travel, she didn’t see how I would even consider putting off a trip for something as mundane as painting a house. I tried to explain that, while I loved the idea of going to a new place and exploring different parts of the world, the experience would be pretty short lived compared to the satisfaction I would feel having a freshly painted house, in a color I love. Yes, I do enjoy traveling as well, and the memories that come with a fun trip will last a long time, but I knew that I would also feel joy when coming around the corner and looking at my newly painted house. I don’t know if this makes me materialistic, or too attached to worldly goods – please don’t judge!


Anyway, I did go ahead and have my house painted that year. I was thrilled with the result! And, even though it’s been a couple of years now, I still feel joy when I come around the corner to my street and look at my house, especially on a beautiful sunny day.JenniferHouse

The following year, we took that trip. We had a great time, I have my souvenirs and happy memories, and pulling into my driveway when coming home after three weeks, I experienced the satisfaction of a beautifully painted house all over again.


So, if there’s something about your home that is bugging you, (an outdated kitchen or bath, perhaps?) and you wonder if it will be worth the trouble and expense to fix or change it, you have to decide if it will bring you joy or satisfaction. Because, for some of us, that happy feeling that you can get from making your home more beautiful is priceless!



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